Sunday, August 23, 2015

All Hail the Return of the Super Curl

It’s no secret that we have entered a new hair era, one in which we eschew standing appointments at blow-dry bars in favor of letting our natural texture fly. No more obsessive flatironing and relaxing spirals, kinks, or coils. A quick scroll through Instagram will reveal plenty of cool girls—like Rihanna, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn, Imaan Hammam, Grace Mahary, Sara Sampaio, Stella Lucia, Chrissy Teigen, and Cindy Bruna—who have adopted this mantra, whether they boast natural curls or coax them out of straight strands. If you want to follow in their wave-embracing ways, stock up on products that moisturize (curls tend to be drier), define, and soften. Here are a few that will do the job.

Photos: Instagram
Living Proof Curl Leave-In Conditioner

Frizz is partly a result of dryness, so infusing strands with moisture can go a long way in terms of fighting flyaways. Post-shower, apply this silicone-free cream that keeps curls intact and repels humidity via a high-tech emollient and polymer blend.


Oribe Cleansing Crème for Moisture & Control

Traditional shampoos can strip curls of moisture, but this non-foaming formula laced with oils, fruit extracts, and water-mint essence rids strands of dirt, oil, and buildup minus sulfates or surfactants.


Original Moxie Just Gel Styling Concentrate

Gel is nothing to be afraid of—unlike its curl-scrunching predecessors, this alcohol-free formula provides hold while leaving spirals blessedly crunch-free.


DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler

Designed for “super curly girls,” this coconut-oil-infused styler stretches, softens, tames, volumizes, and adds shine to the wildest of ringlets.


Qhemet Biologics Castor & Moringa Softening Serum

Perfect for thick, coarse curls, this oil-enriched leave-in softens, moisturizes, and acts as a shield against anything and everything summer throws at you.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nice Hairstyles For Your Date Night

Getting ready to go on a date night with Bae? Are you stuck trying to figure out how you are going to style your hair for the night? Getting ready for date night should be fun! Sometimes we spend hours deciding on what to wear and how we will style our hair. Well, here are some quick and easy styles for date night!

1. Perm Rod Set

I know that you have seen HOT style all over Instagram and social media!! Its super cute and easy to do. Here is what you will need:

❤Perm Rods – size and color of your choice
❤Foam, Mousse, Setting Lotion , or Cream to set the hair
❤Hooded Dryer, or Let air Dry

2. Twisted Crown Braid (Halo Crown Braid)

This is a super cute style, it can also be used for a protective style!

You can start with dry stretched hair. You will need a styler or an edge control to secure your edges.

3. Twist Out

This style is my ultimate fave! Super cute and easy to do. Just simply 2 strand twist your hair. You can do this on damp or dry hair if you want a stretched hair. If your hair wont curl at the ends you can use perm rods.

What you will need:

❤Crème or styler
❤perm rods for ends if your hair wont curl
❤oil to separate twists once dry.

The zig-zag part is my go-to style in the week before my colour appointment at the hairdresser.

By avoiding the straight line, you disguise the regrowth line in your hair.

The trick to making this part look more wearable is to keep it a little messy and uneven. I also like to add a bit of volume powder at the roots to hide my roots even more.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fishtail Side Braid Tutorial

Can’t decide which braid to wear today? Try a combo braid. This Dutch – fishtail side braid tutorial combines two of my favourite braids.

I’m kind of obsessed with my friend Sonia‘s hair. It’s gorgeous and she lets me play with her hair which is so much fun. Sadly we don’t live in the same state or you’d see her featured here all the time. When I was last in Adelaide, we shot a few tutorials together and this is one of my favourites.

This style is pretty much my dream hair. This style is made up of two Dutch braids that meet and become a fishtail side braid. If you have long hair, you’ll love this style. If not, grab a friend and practice in their hair!


Small hair elastic
Hair clip
Bobby pins (optional)


1.Brush your hair to remove any knots before you begin. Part your hair in a side part.

2. Start with the Dutch braid that runs along the back of your head. Take a section of hair by your part near your right ear. Split it into three and cross the left under the middle and then the right under the left. Add in hair from each side as you continue to braid.

3. Angle the back Dutch braid down along your hairline. Stop the braid once you reach the left side of your neck and hold it in place with a clip while you do the front braid.

4. Starting at your part, create a Dutch braid along your hairline. As with the back braid, split a section of hair by your part into three. Cross the left piece under the middle and then the right under the left. Add in hair from each side as you continue to braid following your hairline.

5. Continue braiding along your hairline until you pass your ear and reach level with the back braid. Combine the two braid together by taking a section from each braid and crossing it over into the other braid.

6. Begin to fishtail braid using each braid as one side of your fishtail braid. A fishtail braid crosses small pieces of hair from the outside of one section to the inside of the other. See my fishtail braid tutorial here for more detail.

7. Adjust your braids so that you’re happy with how they look. Stretch the sections to make them look thicker and then continue with the fishtail braid until you reach the end of your hair.

8. Hide your hair elastic by winding a small piece of hair around and use a bobby pin to hold it in place. Check out my bobby pin tricks for more details.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Perfect Ponytails to Redefining Yourself

A hair bungee is a great alternative to normal hair bands or hair elastics. It’s a length of elastic with a hook at either end. You wrap it around your ponytail which means there’s no pulling and you can get the perfect tension every time.

First you hook the bungee into the base of your ponytail. Holding your ponytail in one hand, wind the hair bungee around the base of your ponytail.

Once you have the tension you want, place the other hook in to your hair to hold it. You can also connect both hooks together if your ponytail fits.

I especially love a hair bungee for curly ponytails as you keep all our curls intact as you don’t have to squeeze them through an elastic.

You can find hair bungees at hairdressing supply stores. You can also find them online at adorebeauty and Amazon.

I wanted to understand why it had always been so important to me to look a certain way. Why my blemishes and so-called imperfections were such a problem to the point where I couldn't go out and enjoy myself if they were showing. Why I was so obsessed with appearance. My preoccupation with beauty was driven by insecurity, not self-love or inspiration and I wanted to understand why and how and what I could do to change it.

Stripping down, learning to love my reflection without make up, without chemicals in my hair and without trendy clothes -- finding the beauty in all my womanly insecurities, has been exactly what I needed to trigger a shift in perception. To begin to appreciate my body for the miracle that it is and start taking care of myself from the inside out. I needed to shed some old skin and old ideas, redefining myself, for myself.

When we are in tune with our spirits, we feel beautiful on the inside, and we want to express it on the outside. Inner beauty naturally leads to all the magical powers we crave -- outer glow, magnetism, confidence, grace.

Without that inside-out dynamic, we find ourselves placing too much emphasis on the external package, excessively proud or excessively ashamed of our appearances and acting accordingly. Thinking that worth and status is dependent on how we look. Allowing how we feel on the inside to be determined by the response we get on the outside, instead of the other way around.

But a woman who delights in her appearance in order to honor her Creator, her spirit, and her vehicle for expression, that’s the kind of beauty I've come to believe in and this is what I will teach my daughters. It is more than caring about how you look, it is caring about how you affect people, how you speak to them without words, and how you inspire them with your presence.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

12 Quick & Simple Hairstyles

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